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Step 1: Do Your Research

  • Use the resources on this website to determine if your product can be manufactured at WNC Foodworks, and that you have the human and financial resources to bring it to market.
  • Drafting your marketing and financial plans will enable you to answer questions that will come up during your initial visit with Foodworks staff.

Step 2: Contact Us

Step 3: Complete the New Client Intake Process

  • Once you and Foodworks staff have agreed that you will become a client and go into production at our facility, download and complete the following document:
  • If you will be making a Natural Product, you will also need to complete and bring in a copy of your Product Ingredient Checklist. All natural products produced at Foodworks must be made using food-grade ingredients.
  • INSURANCE: If you are a caterer, making a consumer packaged good or are a mobile food unit storing foods and/or beverages at Foodworks, you will also need to obtain a $2,000,000 product liability insurance policy. This policy must name Foodworks as the additional insured. A good place to start is the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP). This link will take you to Foodworks' linked insurance sign-up page - you can use coupon code "WNCFW" to receive a discount on your policy!
  • FOOD SAFETY TRAINING: All client businesses making food for human consumption at Foodworks that are inspected by the Department of Environmental Health MUST also possess a valid ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification. Sign up for classes here or here.
  • Bring your completed application packet, insurance, certificate(s) and any applicable fees to your next scheduled meeting with Foodworks staff.

NOTICE: Tours must be scheduled and pre-approved.

570 Brevard Rd., Suite 9
Asheville, NC 28806

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