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Found Ice Cream: Scooping Up Success at WNC Food Works!

Calling all ice cream aficionados! We're thrilled to feature Found Ice Cream, a scoop-tacular business churning out delicious, locally-sourced frozen treats in our very own commissary kitchen. Owner Jessica Weisman has been whipping up creamy concoctions with us for the past year, and their story is a testament to the power of a well-equipped kitchen and a whole lot of heart!

Found: The Perfect Ice Cream Formula

Found Ice Cream offers a unique twist on the classic frozen treat. They use fresh, local ingredients to create innovative flavors that tantalize taste buds. Whether you're craving a classic chocolate chip cookie dough or a more adventurous lavender honey, Found Ice Cream has a scoop to satisfy every craving.

The Kitchen that Made it All Possible

When Jessica decided to turn her passion for ice cream into a business, she knew she needed a professional space to create her magic. WNC Food Works ticked all the boxes: "Quality of kitchen, location, and price" made it the perfect fit.

From Farmers Market to Foodie Favorite

The most valuable amenity for Found Ice Cream? "Cold storage, since we're an ice cream company," of course! Thanks to WNC Food Works, Jessica was able to "launch her business" and avoid the hurdle of "manufacturing dairy products at home for retail sale." WNC Food Works' "low cost, flexibility, and scalable plans" have been instrumental in Found Ice Cream's growth, allowing them to go from a single farmers market stall to "hosting dinners with hundreds of guests."

Advice for Aspiring Foodpreneurs

For those considering a food venture, Jessica offers a sage piece of advice: "Understand your business model and your COGS [Cost of Goods Sold]. Commissary kitchens can help you launch a business, but you have to be able to run it as well!"

A Scooping Success Story

Found Ice Cream's journey is a sweet one. Their "very first farmers market was right outside of BRFV [Blue Ridge Food Ventures; WNC Food Works' sister facility in Candler]," a testament to the convenience WNC Food Works provides. Fast forward a year, and Found Ice Cream is a fixture at multiple markets, with restaurants taking notice!

The Future is Full of Flavor

Jessica recognizes the growing trend of "local flavors and an openness to more wild foods," and Found Ice Cream embraces this philosophy. They're constantly experimenting with new ingredients, ensuring there's always a scoop to surprise and delight their customers.

Wishlist for the Future

While WNC Food Works has been a perfect fit for Found Ice Cream, Jessica has a sweet tooth for a couple of additions: "Ice cream batch freezers or a pasteurizer would be nice!"

The Sweetest Collaboration

We at WNC Food Works are incredibly proud to be a part of Found Ice Cream's success story. Their dedication to quality and creativity has made them a shining example of what's possible in our commissary kitchen. Who knows, maybe someday we'll even be churning ice cream together!

Ready to Find Your Perfect Scoop?

Visit Found Ice Cream's website at foundicecream.com or follow them on Instagram to discover their latest flavors and find a scoop (or two) of happiness near you!

570 Brevard Rd., Suite 9
Asheville, NC 28806

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