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Easy Peasy Pantry: From Dream to Delicious Reality at WNC Food Works!

We're thrilled to feature Easy Peasy Pantry, a fantastic Asheville meal prep company that's been whipping up deliciousness in our commissary kitchen for the past year! Owners Chad & Cassie Stockton turned their passion for food into a thriving business, and WNC Food Works is proud to be a part of their success story.

The Easy Peasy Pantry Difference

Easy Peasy Pantry offers a unique take on meal prep. They curate weekly menus featuring "carefully crafted meals" designed for families to take and bake at home. They also offer mouthwatering prepared sweet treats – perfect for any occasion!

Why WNC Food Works?

Easy Peasy Cookie

When Chad & Cassie decided to take their concept public, they knew they needed a professional space to grow. WNC Food Works was the perfect fit! "Location, amenities offered, and the knowledgeable staff" were all key factors in their decision.

Scaling Up Success

The commissary kitchen's amenities, especially the "commercial ovens, prep space, cold and dry storage," have been instrumental in Easy Peasy Pantry's growth. "It has allowed our business to scale at a manageable pace," they say. The flexible scheduling and "beautiful, clean space" have also been a big plus. But what Chad & Cassie love most is the sense of community they've found among the other food businesses at WNC Food Works.

From Idea to In-Demand

Since joining the WNC Food Works family, Easy Peasy Pantry has launched their business to the public, regularly selling out their weekly meal preps! They've even landed a coveted spot in a retail space to sell their delectable baked goods.

Advice for Aspiring Foodpreneurs

For anyone considering a food business, Chad & Cassie offer this sage advice: "be prepared for lots of moving parts and logistics!" They recommend strong planning skills and budgeting for storage solutions if you struggle to keep track of your day-to-day needs.

A Bright Future

Easy Peasy Pantry is keeping a close eye on food trends, particularly the rise of customers with allergies and dietary restrictions. They're committed to offering delicious options that cater to everyone.

Looking Ahead

When asked if they'd like anything to change at WNC Food Works, Chad & Cassie couldn't think of a thing! They're incredibly happy with the facilities, services, and supportive community they've found.

Join the Easy Peasy Pantry Fan Club!

Want to try Easy Peasy Pantry's amazing food? Follow them on social media @easy.peasy.pantry or visit their website at easypeasypantry.com to see their latest menu and ordering information.

We at WNC Food Works are so honored to be a part of Easy Peasy Pantry's success story. We can't wait to see what delicious things they cook up next!

570 Brevard Rd., Suite 9
Asheville, NC 28806

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