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A Delicious Journey with WNC Food Works

Lilly Mays Desserts, a charming catering business founded by Heather Gressett in 2020, has been delighting taste buds and bringing sweet treats to events all over town. Specializing in a wide range of desserts, Heather's creations have quickly become a local favorite.

Choosing WNC Food Works: A Strategic Decision

When it came to selecting a commissary kitchen, Heather knew she needed a space that offered both convenience and reliability. That's why she chose WNC Food Works. "Location and availability were key factors for us," Heather explains. Situated perfectly to meet her needs, WNC Food Works has provided the ideal setting for her burgeoning business.

Making the Most of Top-Notch Amenities

Heather has made full use of the top-notch amenities available at WNC Food Works. The commercial ovens, mixers, and Robot Coupe have been indispensable in creating her delectable desserts. Whether it’s baking batches of her famous cookies or whipping up a decadent cake, these facilities have enabled Heather to maintain the high quality and consistency that Lilly Mays Desserts is known for.

Sweet Success and Community Connection

Heather's story is one of passion, precision, and community. By choosing WNC Food Works, she has not only found a place that supports her culinary needs but also a community that champions local businesses. In just a short time, Lilly Mays Desserts has grown, thriving with the help of state-of-the-art kitchen facilities and a supportive network.

For anyone looking to indulge in some truly special treats, look no further than Lilly Mays Desserts. With a commitment to quality and a knack for creating mouth-watering desserts, Heather Gressett is sure to sweeten any occasion.

For more information or to place an order, visit Lilly Mays Desserts, follow @lillymaysdesserts on social media.

570 Brevard Rd., Suite 9
Asheville, NC 28806

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